Adult Anti-Bacterial Face Mask (10 Pack)

Adult Anti-Bacterial Face Mask (10 Pack)


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Price is Per Pack of 10. Limit 10 packs per customer. 

Made of anti-bacteria materials, friendly to the skin, soft and breathable. It can protect you from dust, sun & bacteria 99.97%; recognition of Intertek. Being reusable for 30 times after washed. 

 -Can wear to immobilize the spreading of many tested flu viruses. 99.97% of bacterial will be killed within several minutes when they touch the first layer

- Can make use of the piece when they need to take care of the kid at home. It prevents the transmission

-Made of durable materials, friendly to the skin, soft, warm and comfortable

-Saving the environment: This face mask can be re-used for 30 times and still maintained the feature of anti-bacteria. When wearing our mask, the customers only need to pay one cent for it.

This product is definitely the go-to protector against dangerous viruses.

- Fittable for both men and women

Material: white antibacterial fabric
Supply type: ODM service